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As an artist of several disciplines, Sean has managed to hone his skills to a level whereby he has been able to use them as stand alone tools or as high end fusions of professional creative works for performance. Each discipline has informed the other on many occasions in his work. His combination of dance techniques, spoken word and acting, with in their many fractions, have enabled Graham to adapt and standout in many creative settings as he utilises his wide array of transferable skills and his ability to apply them accordingly from his experiences.


From being a lead choreographer for several East London Dance and Royal Operah House projects to producing showcases for emerging artists at the Royal Festival Hall, from being the lead acting/dance artist in Avante Garde Dance Company's urban site-specific remake of Romeo & Juliet to managing a 20k budget for Southwark Youth and Connexions and then dancing for the Indie band MUSE, Sean has been able to reach above the expected each time. As he goes into more global partnerships and creative collaborations he also looks forward to new challenges which will widen his capacity and feed his appetite for new creative challenges.



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