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Foreign Bodies / Race Tracks

Performed at Lylian Baylis Theatre/Sadler's Wells 2014


Debuted at the Lylian Baylis Theatre/Sadler's Wells as a product of Sean attending the Back To The Lab project hosted by Breakin' Convention.


The piece tackled multiculturalism, political correctness and on the backdrop of an imperial olympic tournament.


The piece also confronted the infamous appropriation of the 'N' word and provoked an audience engaging post show discussion.


Choreographed by Sean Graham

Music by Various samples and live vocals

Dancers Theo Alade, Mo Sean, Frank Wilson and Tyrone Isaac-Stuart

Photography Guest photographer unknown


Fowl Weather

Performed at Stratford Circus 2013


Tony Adigan, Director of Avante Garde Dance decided he would do something different for the tenth anniversary of his popular 'Collabo!' event housed at Stratford Circus; Create a choreographic challenge. Two hours to create a new choreography. The catch was; the choreographer didn't know who the dancers were and he hasn't heard the music he will use. To top it off the audience get to choose the music... and the topic/theme. Graham was the guest choreographer and the topics the audience chose were 'Chicken' and 'Weather'. The result was an audience tickling theatrical experience of a group of farm birds that were experiencing some pretty fowl weather conditions.


Music by Tornate, o cari baci

Dancers Kloe Dean, Maria Franseco, Baanji Ijna, Botis Seva and Lisa Hood

Photography Alex Ilford



Sewkee MmeGa/Alien From Inner Space

Performed at Richmix Theatre 2013


Acclaimed Singer, Song Writer and Novelist Gemma Weekes produced her first full length theatre solo based on her alter-ego character Sewkee Mmega.


Working with Gemma Weekes as a choreographer and performer was one of the most opening experiences of my career thus far. Our relationship as artists was easy, dependable and honest. Weekes wanted to challenge herself in areas she had not been before and I wanted to create challenges that were not easy but possible. Together we realised her vision and opened a level of artistic dialogue that would increase the capacity of us both in the path we were heading. The post show discussion ran over an hour long as the piece threw so many questions in that air that the audience were captivated enough to stay until all the topics of the piece were discussed. On this commission I found I was privileged to discover the core Gemma Weekes' intangible intelligence comes from her commitment to the honesty of being human. A shared experience that has given me layers of confidence as a choreographer and as a reconstructor of the human experience.


Choreographed by Sean Graham

Music by Gemma Weekes, DJ Psychomantis

Performers Gemma Weekes, Sean Graham and DJ Psychomantis

Photography Naomi Wood




Performed at East London Dance's 25th Year Anniversary (Stratford Circus) 2013


Inhale-Exhale explores the emotional disparicies of the inspiratary disfunction of the common condition known as asthma. Graham has had asthma since birth and like many others, he has had to come to terms with the co-existance of the life threatening condition that attacks the very source of him being alive; his air supply.


Asthma's psychological affects contribute to many attributes and attitudes of its carriers life depending on its survirity. Fight or Flight is the underlying battle evident in this piece as the audience sees the subject come to terms with his life long scare.


Choreographed by Sean Graham

Music by Various samples and live vocals

Dancer Sean Graham

Photography Carol Edrich



Performed at Cultural Explosion (RichMix Theatre) 2013


For the first time known, a collaboration in UK Jazz between a Korean, Japanese and Black British dancer took place in the debut of Jazz:Evo at the 2013 Cultural Explosion produced by Uchenna Dance.


Not only is this piece a celebration of all that is possible within UK Underground Jazz but, it is also a call to dancers around the world to look at culture as a source of authentic creativity, as there is nothing more pleasing than being able to look at your environment and make something unique from the experiences within it.


In an era where multi-culturalism is championed Jazz:Evo(lution) brings to the table elements that maybe over looked as others go forward in culture and dance within the accepted and apparent norms.


Accompanied by live band Melanin Momentum, the quick paced footwork of the three highly skilled dancers reveal to an audience something that most have not seen before in Britain yet are not aware is an important part of the British heritage of multi-culturalism.


The only way to describe UK Underground Jazz dance to some one who hasn't experienced it is as a hybrid of house dance, ballet and tap with the rhytmic influence of bebop jazz at its core but; with a band as advanced as Melanin Momentum there is no telling what the future will sound like in terms of the UK Underground Jazz movement.


Graham's choreography in this piece brings together tension, testosterone and a passion for complexed rythmn. See gallery for exclusive footage.


Choreographed by Sean Graham

Music by Melanin Momentum

Dancers Sean Graham, Yoshitaki Toshiba, Sejin Ijen

Photography Carol Edrich


Rivers Of Blood

Performed at Richmix and The Barking Broadway Theatre 2014


Freedom Of A Formless Kind brings to the surface the challenges of race relations in Britain through a unique experience of motion and soundscape that ties links through the riots in Britain from the 1958 Notting Hill riot up until 2011’s Tottenham riot sparked by the killing of Mark Duggan.


In this piece UK Fusion Jazz is used as a choreographic component rather than just an aesthetic technique. Its origins came about amidst an intrinsic period whereby Black youth born in Britain who created a style that expressed their experiences of integration and identity in a hostile society through aggressive punctuations of fast paced movement but also with a grace and technique that echoes resilience, survival and a will to overcome.


Choreographed by Sean Graham

Music by Various samples and live vocals

Dancer Sean Graham

Photography Carole Edrich


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