If Home Is Where The Heart Is




By Sean Graham 01/01/2012


If home is where the heart is

Then where are the hearts of those kids who are left homeless?

Subject to abandonment kids,

Grown up on popcorn and murder movies.

Fast life quick life culture.

In the 70’s it was groovy

But now it’s just nag.

Life that precious they live for

No they die for the fad

In the 80’s it was bad

But now it’s just 'Nang'.

Subject to circumstance kids,

Political victim kids

Reject neglect kids whilst mums and pops is

still working out their own homelessness

In a house abandoned by love

Where hopeless promises remain

Where’s their atonement?

Kid left with no memories of magic moments

Just violent kisses

and left terror set after the screams and in between

The cold silences

Their bodies speak in scarlet colored scars and black and blue bruises

But yet why is it those responsible refuse it and cover it like wall paper and glue stick.

Messy cause they’re habitually useless

Their tactical practice in slackness has lost its spring


Like a wet mattress

And their ready to fling pins from grenades made out of paper files and legislative lies

Aren’t they tired????

Where are the service providers?

Where’s the service they said they’d provide

For the kids running from family ties?

Nothing but a ring of broken promises.

No need for speculation why generations cast riots and revolution on the politicians and social systems set out to contain them.

They want freedom to make they own choices of freedom

Not what’s prescribed to them by the propaganda!


So if home is where the heart is

Where do the homeless go

When facing these quests alone

Only answers found nowadays is on road

Where they find rustic key holes

Left in broken doors.

Despite the rusty hinges

And discarded letter boxes,

The door mat says welcome

And oh what a welcome it is

Relished by the cold and homeless kid…


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