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One People, One Purpose


To jointly, along with other organisations, advocate and empower independent artists with opportunities to create productive dialogue, negotiate space and share resources with established organizations whose remit they may fall outside of or fall into conflict with, for the wider benefit of dance and cultural development.


Where Dancers Are Moving Together.


The CSDC is an independent social initiative governed by professionals and emerging artists of the broadest demographic of dance practice across London. The CSDC facilitate artists, large and small scale organisations to negotiate resources, share creative ideas and produce opportunities to reach new audiences and artists that have been previously unengaged. By the nature of its governance, the CSDC are greatly positioned to provide opportunities for cultural and creative development in the wider sense of the London community landscape of the arts. Members of the CSDC are especially positioned to create honest representation of the richness and integrity of grass root arts upwards because they are the artists serving their own community.

The CSDC are a community of independent artists who collectively resolve issues that concern dance development through group forums, resource negotiations and producing creative platforms of various collaborations.

The legacy of our work

The establishment of the CSDC foundations and its goals will be used to develop a nationwide blueprint of expansion.


A reform in attitudes towards the empowerment of artists by example of democratic and diplomatic means to independently resolve some of the major issues that have long marginalised the arts and its practitioners socially, politically and economically.

‘The greatest danger to a civilized nation is the man who has no stake in it, and nothing to lose by rejecting all that civilization stands for.’


-Henry Ford II



‘Politicians don't bring people together. Artists do.’


-Richard Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago



‘Understood that the life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of the nation, is very close to the center of a nation's purpose- and is a test of the quality of a nation's civilization.’


-Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy paraphrased each other.



‘Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.’


- Ted Shawn


Our Goals as a collective

CSDC's first phase of achieving its goals is to set up a three tier development structure whereby training, workshops, platforms and studios can be negotiated, in-kindly donated or hired via successful funding to provide for independent artists the needed resources to engage at different levels of their development in collaboration within the CSDC, the Southbank Centre and/or other partnership organisations.


This may well lead to opportunities for engagements with projects, collaborations or commissions which can be part of a pre existing programme or the development of a new strand.


In the second phase, based on a blue print of shared resources, development and exchange, the Southbank Centre and CSDC partnership model will enable other partnerships with the CSDC to simulate customised dance provisions such as work opportunities, commissions, and provide emerging artists with new accessible opportunities to view and experience dance forms with in their wider community previously found to be exclusive.


The third phase of achievement is to resituate the CSDC three tier development structure and a dedicated programme for the development of independent dance practice and emerging artists within the development of Southbank's Festival Wing.

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